I've been helping people optimize their health my entire life.

Growing up in a mixed family of eastern immigrant and U.S.-born first-generation doctors, I was surrounded by constant chatter of eastern spiritual/herbal therapies, min-invasive robotic surgery, and everything in between.

In 1999

I enrolled at the Johns Hopkins University knowing I wanted to be a physician. After four years of long hours spent in the library & a lengthy master's thesis in biochemistry & reproductive molecular biology, I graduated Phi Beta Kappa with both bachelor's & master's degrees in public health.

In 2003

I enrolled at the NYU School of Medicine. Completing a residency in Anesthesiology followed by a fellowship in Pain Medicine gave me a clear understanding of how the human body works in the awake, asleep, & semi-conscious state. After becoming board certified in both specialties I was asked to join the faculty at NYU where I now teach future doctors & help guide patients in how to manipulate and hack their own physiology to treat pain & live a better life.

In 2012

I went back to school to obtain a Master's in Clinical Investigation. I wanted to understand how medical journals could publish certain findings but the media & the public would end up with a completely different message. I honed the skills of being able to interpret, analyze, design, and communicate important medical findings & breakthroughs to my patients and the future doctors that I train.

In 2015

I pursued the path to become a Yoga and Meditation Instructor by gaining expertise via 200-hr & 300-hr certifications. Coupling this with a year of studying Medical Acupuncture at Harvard Medical School has given me insight on millennia old Eastern techniques & technologies that I use to supplement the best of any evidence-based Western health & wellness regimen.